A negotiation with paint; a power struggle (much like one I’d have with my toddler and baby!)
The act of painting and choice of colours is structured and deliberate, but textures are unplanned, marks are spontaneous. My raw and free application of paint liberates the work from conventional restraints and begs me to ask the question:

“Who’s really in control: the paint or me?”

Curious Violet

Icecream Sundae

Walk like an Egyptian


Confetti Mini

Trippin’ Gold Minis

Bubble Storm (diptych)

Summer Saturation Minis

Cray Crayons

Marmalade Nights
Coral Galaxy

The Pink Dragon


Splatter Splash

Acrylics on Canvas 32″ x 40″ – SOLD – March 2020

Hop Scotch Garden

Candy Galaxy